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Facts and Figures

  • The United States has 308 million citizens, and approximately 54 million people are living with the disabilities in the United States. (Source: 2010 U.S Census, U.S. Census Bureau) 

  • 36 million people with disabilities in the U.S. live in non-institutionalized environments. (Source: 2008 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau) 

  • 15.1% of the civilian non-institutionalized population 5 years and over in the United States, or about 41.3 million people reported a disability. Table 1 shows that 4.3 percent reported a sensory disability, 9.4 percent reported a physical disability, 5.8 percent reported a mental disability, and 3.0 percent reported a self-care disability. Of the civilian non-institutionalized population 16 years and over, 5.5 percent reported a go-outside home disability, and of those 16 to 64 years old, 7.1 reported an employment disability. Disability prevalence was highest among the 65 years and older population at 41.0 percent, compared to rates for the 16 to 64 years age group (12.3 percent) and 5 to 15 years age group (6.3 percent). (Source: "Disability Status and the Characteristics of People in Group Quarters," U.S. Census Bureau, February 2008) 

  • 20.1% of people with disabilities are participating in the labor force as compared to 69.3% of people without disabilities. (Source: March 2012 Disability Employment Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy) 

  • The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 15.2%; the unemployment rate for people without disabilities is 8.1%. (Source: March 2012 Disability Employment Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy) 

  • 6% of workers age 16 and over with disabilities use public transportation to commute to work.
  • Approximately 7,900 organizations provide transportation services that range from large multi-modal systems to single-vehicle paratransit service providers. There are approximately 6,668 paratransit providers. Public transportation spent $55.2 billion for service and capital investment in 2009. Passengers took 10.4 billion trips and rode transit vehicles for 55.2 billion miles. (Source: 2011 Public Transportation Factbook, American Public Transportation Association, April 2011, p. 7)


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