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Travel Training for Student Success:The Route to Achieving Post-Secondary Student Outcomes

Easter Seals Project ACTION presents a new resource in support of the nation’s education of secondary school students

Educators play a key role in the success of young people with disabilities who are finishing high school and eagerly anticipating the next phase of life: happy, productive adulthood in the community. Thanks to educators, these students are navigating the transition by acquiring skills, planning for more education, and preparing for employment.

There is, however, one more element essential to a student’s successful transition: transportation. High school graduates need a way to get to the college, the work place, the shopping malls, and all the other destinations of community life. Young adults who do not own a car and do not drive are able to find the "route to success” through the use of public transportation. Often, that means the need for travel training, which is intensive training that helps people with disabilities acquire the skills needed to travel safely and independently on fixed-route public transportation.

"Travel Training for Student Success: The Route to Achieving Post-Secondary Student Outcomes" is a primer for school administrators interested in learning how high schools across the country are connecting students to travel training services, developing and adapting goals, and supporting local implementation of travel training programs. This resource includes the following:

This 23-page booklet was developed by Easter Seals Project ACTION with contributions from education, disability, and transportation professionals. It offers multiple examples from across the United States of how schools are making travel training services available to their students. These initiatives range from offering travel training services directly through school district personnel, to enrolling students in travel training programs offered by the local transportation provider or a human service agency. 

PowerPoint slide shows:
Use these PowerPoint shows to inform and enlist other education officials, colleagues and community partners in support of goals related to travel training for students. The PowerPoint presentations include talking points. To view the talking points, right-click when the slides appear. Select "Edit slides." In the toolbar, select "View" and then “Notes Page.”

If your organization’s travel training program for students was not included in this resource and you would like to be included in the next edition, please complete the Questionnaire for Organizations Providing Travel Training to Students. Completed questionnaires can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to:

Julie Rosekrans 
1425 K Street, N.W., Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
Fax: (202) 737-7914

Additional resources:
Easter Seals Project ACTION has a number of resources that can help you get started on travel training and continue as support for an ongoing program. Links are provided below, or you can request print or CD copies of most of the resources by calling ESPA at (202)347-3066 or (800)659-6428:


ESPA training:


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