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Introduction to Travel Training Course 

About the course

Training people to use public transportation is a challenging but rewarding career. As professionals in an emerging field, many travel trainers do not have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences or to learn together with colleagues. Whether a school or organization provides general information or intensive, route-specific, individualized coaching, skilled travel trainers use precise methods of instruction to promote travel skills, skills retention and safety. In response, ESPA presents Introduction to Travel Training, a course offering travel trainers basic information needed to expand their own skills and enhance the services of their school or organization.

Introduction to Travel Training is an intensive three-day course with classroom and field instruction. A limited enrollment and high trainer-to-participant ratio offers an environment where travel trainers will acquire knowledge in the classroom and directly apply and practice new skills on the street, obtaining constructive feedback from trainers and colleagues. Travel trainers will receive a workbook and access to a collection of useful electronic resources ready to use when they return to work.

What are the selection criteria?

Class size is limited. Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • Are new to the travel training field 
  • Have limited opportunities for continuing education 
  • Have limited contact with other travel trainers 
  • Submit their application early

What are the costs?

Participants will be responsible for the following costs:

  • Transportation to and from the event, including parking costs
  • Extra evenings at the hotel 
  • Meals and refreshments (except lunch the first two days of the event)
  • Personal purchases (e.g., Internet access, hotel movies, phone calls and parking)

ESPA will provide at no cost to participants:

  • A training workbook and access to electronic resources
  • Lunch on the first two days of the event
  • Three nights of lodging for participants with a 60-minute or more commute to the training site:
    • The evening before the first training day
    • The evenings of the first and second training days

If you choose to arrive before or stay after the training dates, you will be responsible for the hotel charges for the additional days.

What is expected of me in return?

Within six months following the event, participants will submit a report detailing how they used the curriculum materials to train people to use public transportation, improve policies and practices, educate colleagues and increase their own knowledge.

What is the training like?

We strive to create an interactive, relaxed and energetic environment where participants can share experiences and solve challenges together. Participants will spend a lot of time in the field, so comfortable dress for the local, seasonal weather is important.

What about hotel accommodations?

A block of rooms is reserved at a local hotel for participants with a 60-minute or more commute. Once applicants are notified of their selection, they will be responsible for:

  • Making their own hotel reservations by the hotel reservation due date 
  • Advising the hotel staff that you are with the “Easter Seals Project ACTION Introduction to Travel Training course”
  • Providing a credit card number to hold the room within ESPA’s reserved block of rooms 
  • Paying for personal expenses and additional nights of lodging, if any

Participants will be transferred to the ESPA master account (for up to three nights of lodging only) when they arrive at the hotel.

Cancellation policy

If you learn that you are unable to attend the event, contact ESPA immediately so that we can accept applicants on the waiting list. In addition, contact the hotel immediately to cancel your reservation. If you fail to cancel the hotel reservation according to the hotel policy, your credit card may be charged.

For more information

Please contact Julie Rosekrans with your questions or call (800) 659-6428 toll free.

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