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Advanced Practices in Paratransit Service

Course ONLINE: October 27 – December 5
To register for this course, see the Registration Process section below. 

Registration Deadline: October 22, 2014

About The Course

Transit Authority of River City paratransit vehicle
 Photo: Transit Authority of River City
  paratransit vehicle

This seven-week online course is designed for seasoned ADA complementary paratransit managers that are interested in improving the service they provide to their customers. As an advanced level course, it will not cover basic requirements of running a paratransit system. This course is specifically designed for ADA complementary paratransit managers, and the homework assignments assume that learners are currently working in paratransit service. Those working in fields other than paratransit service may want to explore other courses offered by ESPA.

Advanced Practices in Paratransit Service consists of four learning modules:

1.   The Face of Paratransit

This module covers topics such as websites and social media, effective communication technology, accessibility, and availability of policies and referrals to other agencies.

2.   Policy Development and Amendment

This module offers guidelines for developing and amending policies to address common issues. It also covers hot topics in paratransit policy and setting and using service standards to improve service.

3.   Premium Paratransit Service                                                                                  

This module includes topics such as public-private partnership information and requirements, cost-benefit framework for public transportation projects, and using premium paratransit to increase the independence of people with disabilities.

4.   Using Your Complaint Process to Improve Service

This module includes topics such as customer monitoring and feedback, principles of mediation and negotiation, evaluating bus operator performance, and using the complaint process to improve service.

This is an online course with an opportunity to share experiences, ideas and knowledge with colleagues. The course contains material to read, exercises designed to allow participants to apply information learned, and online interaction via a discussion forum and group webinars. The format is flexible enough to allow busy professionals to log in and work at any hour of the day or night while providing opportunities to interact with fellow class mates and the instructor.  Learners should expect to commit to a minimum of 15 concentrated hours on the course activities over the six-week span of the course.

How the Course is Structured


Learners are expected to study the course materials, complete the accompanying exercises, join in two class webinars, and participate in an online discussion forum. The course instructor will be available to monitor the completion of course work, answer questions and join in the forum discussion. Upon the completion of all course work, learners will receive a certificate from Easter Seals Project ACTION.


Registration Process

Registration ends on October 22.

Register Now

Registrants will receive information about how to join the course via e-mail on or before the start date of the course (Monday, October 27).

Course Requirements  

  • Internet access
  • Approximately 15 hours of concentrated effort over a 6 week span
  • Self motivation
  • Completion of required course activities


Course Calendar

  • Start Date: Monday, October 27
  • Live Webinar #1: Tuesday, November 4
  • Live Webinar #2: Tuesday, November 18
  • End Date: Friday, December 5


For More Information

Contact the course instructor, Kristi McLaughlin, at or 800-659-6428.  


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