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Travel Training

Easter Seals Project ACTION offers training, an online community, and resources dedicated to the practice of travel training.

Introduction to Travel Training Course - ESPA provides a free training initiative to increase the skills, knowledge and abilities of travel training professionals.

Fundamentals of Travel Training Administration -This free online course provides information pertinent to launching, operating and maintaining a travel training program.

Join our online travel training community - ESPA hosts a Global Travel Training Community, providing a forum for members to pose questions, share answers, ideas and actual resources, discuss issues, and much more.

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Additional Resources

Can Travel Training Services Save Public Transportation Agencies Money? This TR News January-February 2012 article, co-written by ESPA, describes field test results of a travel training cost-benefit model co-developed by ESPA.

Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) -- a national professional association which exists to develop the relatively new professions of travel training instructor and travel trainer for seniors and persons with disabilities, other than those with blindness. The goal of ATI is to serve the practitioners who teach persons with disabilities and seniors to use public transit safely and independently.

Securing Funding for a New Travel Training Program -- ESPA hosted this event as part of a series of free distance learning events. In this session, Sarah Green of The Rapid and Frances Rankos of Pierce Transit discussed steps a transit agency can take to secure funding for a new travel training program.

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Please contact Kristi McLaughlin with your questions about travel training activities, or call 800-659-6428 toll free.


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