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Motorcoach Services

Motorcoach services are defined as intercity bus services, commuter bus services, and tourism or charter-oriented bus services. Motorcoach customers, including those with disabilities, desire good and safe service whether they are touring for leisure, making rail or air connections or traveling between communities.

Background on Motorcoach Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires accessibility based on vehicle type. In October 2001, the ADA implementation schedule required fixed route motorcoaches to provide lift-equipped service on 48-hours notice until their fleets were fully lift-equipped. The ADA implementation schedule calls for 100 percent lift access by 2012. Charter and tour operators must provide lift-equipped service on 48-hours notice with no requirement for fleet accessibility. DOT was required to review implementation and actual demand for accessible motorcoach service in 2005. The findings from that review were to go into a report to Congress in 2006 with recommendations on amending the accessibility requirements for motorcoaches under the ADA based on a cost benefit analysis. The final use analysis and report is still pending.



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