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Connect with Easter Seals Project ACTION on social media by learning about trends in accessible transportation in our blog - ESPA Viewpoints, following us on Twitter, connecting with others in one of our online communities, or sharing an idea on our dialogue.

 ESPA Viewpoints Blog
blogger ESPA Releases New Report -- The Particpation of Human Services Organizations in Mobility Management

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Online Communities
online communities Connect with Easter Seals Project ACTION and others interested in topics on accessible transportation in one of our online communities, such as the Global Travel Training Community or Accessible Transportation for Students. Online communities also allow participants in our online course communities to connect with the course instructor and other participants.

To join our online course communities, please visit the provided links below:

(ATCI) Accessible Transportation Coalitions Initiative The Accessible Transportation Coalitions Initiative (ATCI) forum is a place where members of ATCI teams past and present, from around the country can meet to share ideas, ask questions, find answers and celebrate successes.

(ATS) Accessible Transportation for Students Accessible Transportation for Students (ATS) is a forum for students and their families, educators, human service providers, and transit professionals. Accessible transportation helps students participate in community based experiences while they are in school, and is critical in supporting student attainment of postschool goals related to employment, higher education, and independent living.

(GTTC) Global Travel Training Community The purpose of the Global Travel Training Community is to provide a forum for members to actively engage in various community exercises. Members will pose questions, receive answers, and encourage particpation in discussions about issues that interest the travel training community.

(MMILC) Mobility Management Independent Living Community  This online community is designed to bring together anyone interested in making stronger connections between the independent living and transit professionals, and participants in the Mobility Management Independent Living Coaches Program.

Course registration is required to participate in the each of the communities listed  below. These communities are only open during course periods.

(POTM) People On The MoveThis course is offered by Easter Seals Project ACTION and hosted by Community Zero. This six-week online course provides information on the ADA and beyond with regards to fixed route and paratransit passengers. The course focuses on topics that directly affect passengers of these services.

(ESPM) Excellence in Service for Paratransit Managers Excellence in Service for Paratransit Managers is a coursethat is offered by Easter Seals Project ACTION and hosted by Community Zero. This 10-week virtual training course is designed for ADA Complementary Paratransit managers who are new to the field. This course offers an introduction into areas such as the history of the disability movement, how to engage the disability community in your service area and gaining a greater understanding of the ADA and sensitivity toward people who have disabilities.

(APPS) Advanced Practices in Paratransit Service This course is offered by Easter Seals Project ACTION and hosted by Community Zero. It is offered at specific times throughout the year. In order to participate in a course, you must first register through the Easter Seals Project ACTION website and be accepted as a participant.

(FPWT) Forming Parternships With Transit The course provides information and strategies to strengthen your advocacy around transportation in your community. Participants will learn more about issues facing transportation planners, becoming familiar with the language of the profession. They will learn how plans are made, and services funded. This level of increased knowledge will make you a more informed voice when you come to the table in your community and it will increase the chances that others at the table will listen to your input.

(FTTA) Fundamentals of Travel Training Administration This online course is designed to provide information pertinent to launching, operating and maintaining a travel training program. During this course participants will have the opportunity to learn about administrative issues such as creating job descriptions; hiring, training and supervising travel trainers; developing budgets; and understanding the family of travel training services that are offered throughout the country.



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