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A Curriculum to Build the Knowledge of Educators, Human Services, Families, and Transit regarding Transportation Education and Travel Instruction

Thank you for your interest in these materials. The goal of this transportation education curriculum is to provide educators, transit professionals, families, and others with strategies for integrating transportation content, including travel instruction, into the educational experience for students, including students with disabilities


This curriculum can

  • Help learners understand why public transportation education is critical to students’ post-secondary success
  • Provide a framework for transportation education from student assessment though the provision of travel instruction
  • Demonstrate how transportation and education professionals can work together to address student transportation needs
  • Provide best practices for engaging students, families, transit professionals and the community in transportation education
  • Provide resources to help educators and transportation professionals succeed in meeting student educational needs
  • Learn about transportation resources, such as mobility management systems, that can be used by educators

Embedded open-captioned videos are included in some of the modules, and templates and tools are available to download and customize to a learners own setting. Recommended software includes:

     Module 9 - Glossary and Resources 

We encourage you to join the accessible transportation for student’s online community to share your ideas and learning following your review of this curriculum. Participants can use this forum to share stories and strategies related to providing accessible and inclusive transportation for students who are in school as well as those transitioning to post-school settings; discuss how transportation education content is integrated into class curriculum, instruction and academic standards; and upload or post links to helpful resources, projects, or organizations. Visit the Accessible Transportation for Students Online Community

Please complete the evaluation survey at the conclusion of each module to provide us with immediate feedback. If you have any additional suggestions for this material, or identify any technical or content errors, please contact Judy Shanley, Director, ACL, Mobility Management, & Student Engagement Programs, Easter Seals, at

Thank you for your interest in the transportation education curriculum.


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